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Where Land and Sea meet

You’ll find us on the beach.
On the trail.
At the summit.
And off-piste.
We’re on the road.
At the campsite.
Gearing up.
And winding down.

We like the sand between our toes, and the wind in our hair. We breathe in the bush, and soak up endless sunsets. In a world of smart phones, smart cars & smart watches, we choose to switch off.

We get off the beaten track, because we are built for Australian conditions.

Our time is precious, so we spend it with our friends. Getting back to nature, and connecting with each other. We choose to do it all. To get the most out of every minute.

Designed in Australia since 1999, MAXUM is built and engineered to embrace your lifestyle.

MAXUM combines function, form and fashion. In addition, our products are a minimum 100 meter water resistant and have an unparalleled 2 year replacement warranty*.