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In an exciting collaboration, Australian surf rock phenomenon Hockey Dad is teaming up with Maxum, the esteemed 25-year-old Australian watch brand, to create a unique synergy that transcends the boundaries of music and fashion.

The joining of forces is fuelled by the shared passions of Hockey Dad and Maxum’s owner and designer Justin Veil, is set to be unveiled in March 2024, marking a remarkable milestone for both entities.

Fresh off their triumphant tour of America and regional Australia, Hockey Dad has solidified their position with their newest single that has recently been listed as most played song on Triple J, captivating audiences worldwide with their dynamic sound. Riding high on this success, the band is set to embark on a new venture with Maxum, a brand that resonates deeply with them.

Justin Veil, the die-hard Hockey Dad fan and the creative force behind Maxum, expressed his excitement about coming together, stating, “Being a Hockey Dad fan has been a personal journey for me, and to now collaborate with them on this project is a dream come true. The energy and passion they bring to their music align perfectly with the ethos of Maxum.”

Daniel Radburn, Hockey Dad’s long-time manager, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “We keep things pretty simple; we’ve just decided to do a lot of cool shit together.” Radburn’s sentiment echoes the straightforward and authentic approach that has become synonymous with Hockey Dad’s approach to both music and their fans.

This collaboration is not just about a signature watch; it’s a celebration of shared values, creativity, and a mutual appreciation for craftsmanship. The signature watch, set to launch in March 2024, will be a tangible expression of this partnership, showcasing the unique surf and skate fusion of Hockey Dad’s vibrant style and Maxum’s commitment to precision.

To kick off this collaboration, Hockey Dad and Maxum will be hosting next year a series of exclusive events for their dedicated fan bases. These events will provide a platform for fans to engage with the band and the brand, offering a sneak peek into the creative process behind the upcoming signature watch.

As Hockey Dad continues to make waves in the music scene, the anticipation builds for this groundbreaking collaboration with Maxum. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the official release of the Hockey Dad x Maxum signature watch in March 2024.

About Maxum:

As Maxum proudly approaches its 25th anniversary next year, it celebrates a legacy of distributing over 750,000 watches globally. Grounded in design, quality, and craftsmanship, Maxum’s ethos revolves around making every moment count. Defined by the pillars of Fashion, Sport, Art, Music, and Film, its timepieces transcend mere timekeeping, serving as a canvas for the expression of youth culture’s spirit. As Maxum anticipates this significant milestone, it remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and creating watches that resonate with a diverse global audience.



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